Wednesday, November 23, 2011

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Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hats

I love being inspired to create new things! I must admit, my latest creations have been interpretations of someone else's creation or a replica by yours truely.  I came upon this blog that wrote about making Pilgrim hats with her children after reading the book, The Littlest Pilgrim.  She had been inspired to make the hat treats from a Woman's Day article. I loved the cuteness of the hat and that it used my favorite, peanut butter cups! A dear friend and fellow resident wife, invited us to their home for Thanksgiving dinner and I knew that these would be the perfect little treats to serve to the kids (little and BIG!)  They were super easy to create and a huge hit.  The little ones were told they had to eat their turkey first as they just wanted the chocolate!  Below is a tutorial on how to make Pilgrim hats.

Supplies: Fudge cookies, mini Reese's peanut butter cups, yellow icing

I purchased Meijer brand Fudge Treasure cookies.  I know Kebler has a fudge cookie as well.  For the Reese's, I purchased an assorted candy bag as a bag of just mini peanut butter cups was around $10 which was way out of my budget! I needed the icing to be quick and as mess-free as possible so I purchased the Betty Crocker yellow icing from the baking aisle at Meijer.

I failed to recognize that the Betty Crocker frosting stated to use any decorating tip once you cut off the top of the tube.  Well, this lady doesn't have any decorating tips so I did the next best thing.  Take a sandwich size ziploc bag, squeeze a small amount of frosting in one corner of the bag.  Cut off a small portion of the corner and ta-da, you have a frosting bag! No tip needed!

Lay a cookie down with the fudge side facing up.  Unwrap a mini Reese's peanut butter cup.  Take your frosting and put some on the top of the cup; the widest portion. 

Place the peanut butter cup down on the fudge cookie.  The frosting you applied will act like an adhesive to keep the two parts together.

Using your frosting bag, carefully make a rim around the bottom of the Reese's peanut butter cup and then create a buckle as well.  A few things I learned in the creation process:
If your hole in the corner of the bag is really small, the frosting will squeeze out in a squiggle and very thin like it did on the hat in the photo above.  You should test the frosting bag so that you are comfortable with the pressure needed to apply the frosting as well as what it will look like.  I also learned that it is hard to hold the cookie and try to rotate it during the frosting process.  I found it easiest to keep the cookie on the tray/plate work surface and rotate the cookie in a clockwise motion leaving my wrist in one location with the frosting bag.

When complete, you will have a cute collection of Pilgrim hats.  I guarantee that the cuteness of these hats will overshadow any frosting errors.  No need to seek perfection, everyone will love how they taste!  The children at my party were thrilled to have a chocolate treat and even walked around pretending to be Pilgrims with their chocolate hat on their head! 

I hope that you enjoyed the sharing of this treat!  Enjoy!

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