Sunday, November 20, 2011

day twenty

Today I give thanks to God for:
my parents

My love and appreciation for my parents has continued to deepen over time.  As I have embarked on the journey of adulthood and now parenthood, I have experienced life with a new understanding and give thanks for my parents and the role the have had in my life. I give thanks that my parents set boundaries for me.  I give thanks that my parents made sacrifices so that I could have certain things.  I give thanks that my parents taught us self-control.  I give thanks that my parents guided our choices.  I give thanks that my parents have always been there to listen and provide advice.  I give thanks that my parents were invested in our friends and activities we participated in.  I give thanks that my parents made us a priority.  I give thanks that my father worked hard to provide for our family and allowed my mom to stay home and care for us when we were young. I give thanks that my parents pray for me and my family.  I give thanks that my parents are an example of a committed marriage. In September, they celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary; a special love story that only God could plan and orchestrate.  They truly have been through the test of love: through sickness and health, joys and sorrows.  My parents have stuck through the peaks and valleys clinging to God's goodness, His love and the love they have for one another.  There have been great joys and heartache.  They have been through job loss, extreme medical conditions, and financial stress. They have celebrated successes in their lives and of their children including the addition of two grandsons. Through it all, they have encouraged, loved and depended on the Lord and one another.  I have learned much through their example and hope that I will also demonstrate the true definition of love - a life long commitment of seeking the other person's highest good. 
Thank you mom and dad for all that you are, have been and will be in my life.  Much love.

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