Thursday, February 20, 2014

{give thanks Thursday}

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The Bible tells us that in this life we will have trouble.  There is heartache everywhere you turn and quiet honestly it can quickly become overwhelming!  I am so thankful that I know Jesus and can call on him in desperate times but also in times of joy and thankfulness. 
In the midst of life there are blessings every day...find them...create them...treasure them...  I want to be intentional on recording my blessings and ways I am being used by God to bless others.

I am thankful we are able to visit my husband's employment.  This morning during the crazy weather of snow, rain and thunder, my little love and I delivered scotcharoo treats to my husband's office.  Visits to the office are always a win-win situation.  My boy gets to see his daddy, daddy gets to show off his boy, and I get to model kindness by delivering treats to the staff.  We give thanks that husband is employed, we are thankful for the staff that he works with, and we are thankful for the opportunity to let our light shine!

I am also thankful for Hershey Kisses with Almonds, our Radiant community group and that we just booked a vacation!!

What are you thankful for today?!

Monday, February 3, 2014

show them love: heart shaped food

They always say the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach. I definitely believe this statement to be true! Yesterday for the Super Bowl I decided to prepare some quick and easy snacks, a vegetable pizza appetizer and a frozen pizza.  Thoughtfulness can be as easy as placing the pepperoni in a heart shape to show them love.  Have you created any fun heart shaped food for the ones you love?


Sunday, February 2, 2014

show them love: love letter

Eleven years ago this weekend, I met my husband for the first time.  While it would be so romantic to say it was love at first sight, let's just say it took a lot of pursing on my husband's part to 'get the girl'!  I am so thankful that he was persistent and believed in God's calling for us to be together.  It has been a wild ride and I am so blessed to call him my love.  

A handwritten note is such a beautiful treasure and an easy way to show them love.  To document the occasion of meeting my husband, I wrote a quick love note to him reminiscing our first meeting and expressing how thankful I am for him.  On the front of the card I wrote for I have found the one whom my soul loves which is the scripture we had printed on our wedding invitations from the Bible book Song of Solomon Chapter 3 Verse 4.  

I encourage you to stop and write a quick note to someone special in your life today!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

show them love: sticker drive

I love reading blogs!  I seriously have at least fifty blogs bookmarked that document crafts, family life, recipes, Jesus, photography and just about everything under the sun! One of my favorite bloggers posts life on the blog: one happy mama.  A few months ago she posted about her daughter's journey with the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes.  Her daughter, Caylin had just been to a followup appointment and told her mom that she wanted to collect stickers for the children and their siblings that visit the clinic.  Her mom helped her dream become reality and the Stick It to Diabetes Sticker Drive was initiated to collect stickers for the Vanderbilt Eskind Diabetes Clinic in Nashville.  When I read the post I knew I wanted to send Caylin some stickers to assist in encouraging and showing love to the children that visit the clinic. At the time I read the post, my little love was going through a love for sticker phase and I had already pulled out some stickers from my old teacher-stash. Let  me tell you, there are many more where those came from!  It only took a matter of minutes to have an envelope full of stickers to send to Caylin!  I admire Caylin's servant heart and desire to spread love to others through the gift of a sticker.  This was a fantastic project to discuss with my little love on sharing what we have been blessed with; even sharing with a stranger.
What a simple yet inspiring project to participate in and show them love!
Have you supported a charity drive or fundraiser recently?

I created this "hey there, chickadee" card to send Caylin with our collection of stickers.
Card design inspiration from SewColorfulDesigns.

show them love

Hello sweet friends! Thank you for your grace! My blogging is so inconsistent. Thank you for faithfully checking and reading my posts, even if days, weeks or months pass without an entry.

With the anticipation of turning the calendar to February, I was inspired to plan some special activities to spread some love and kindness to my family, friends and even strangers during this month of love.  I understand and fully agree that Valentine's Day is considered a Hallmark holiday and we should take opportunities on a daily basis to tell of our love and appreciation for others, just as I believe that we should express a thankful heart on a daily basis and not just reflect on our blessings at Thanksgiving.  I will however, say that I am thankful these holidays exist on the calendar as they are such a great reminder to be intentional and celebrate life the whole year through!  

 In the days to come, I will be documenting our journey of intentional love through a blog series called show them love.  I hope through my posts you will be inspired to take a few moment out of your day and do something intentional to show your love and appreciation to a family member, friend or stranger in your life.  Let's show them love! 
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