Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Night Fun - Camp Quality 20 Year Reunion


This year Camp Quality Illinois celebrates their 20th year of supporting children with cancer.  Tonight I had the privileged of attending the 20th Reunion at CD&ME in Frankfort, Illinois.  For those unfamiliar with Camp Quality, below is the description (in red font) given on the Camp Quality Illinois  website. 

 My involvement with Camp Quality began as an opportunity to stay involved in the life of Jordan, my kindergarten student whom I home-schooled while she received her cancer treatment during the 2004-2005 school year.  To learn more about Jordan and our friendship, you can read the following post, Celebrate Life and Celebration of Life Update.

Camp Quality is much more than a week of camp. It is a support network for children and families alike that can walk together during dark days and can celebrate moments and milestones together.  I am so grateful for the six years I was able to volunteer as Jordan's companion and for the lifelong friendships I have created.  While I am unable to volunteer a week of my time in this season of life, I will always be a strong advocate for their mission and goals and support them with my talents, money and what time I can give!

Continue to scroll down past the description of Camp Quality to see my photos from the evening of celebration!

 What is Camp Quality?

With a Dose of Smile Therapy. . .

Camp Quality is a summer camping experience and year-round support program for children with cancer. Many difficult physical and emotional challenges face a child, and his or her family, when battling cancer. At our summer camps we have developed an important type of “therapy” . . . we like to call it Smile Therapy! With a laugh in their hearts and smiles on their faces, Camp Q. Kids find themselves capable of more than they may have dreamed possible.

We Laugh, Love, Lift-up... 

Camp Quality has built its reputation on personalized care. Every camper is paired with a companion who is dedicated completely to his or her care. Companions are the life-blood of Camp Q; they are fun to be with, adventuresome, great listeners and are always sharing their love for life. Their primary responsibility is to make sure their camper has the most enjoyable, safe, relaxing and restoring experience possible. This relationship creates a beautiful bond that continues long after camp is over, and oftentimes for years to come.

Normal Kids with Extraordinary Lives . . . 

Surrounded by new friends that can relate, loving volunteers who care, and loads of fun experiences, Camp Quality campers find joy, new courage and renewed hope for the future. They are free to be themselves . . . free to be kids again. 

Ashley and Jordan
Best friends since meeting in the hospital

Ashley is a walking miracle who has overcome every challenge and statistic given to her.
Jordan is now considered cured as she has been out of treatment for over five years.

Two of my everyday heroes.
Love their smiles, determination and desire to live life dancing in the rain!

Faye and Jordan
Friendship, mentor-ship, fun and feisty!

Faye, Jordan & Emily

I am so thankful for Emily who pinky promised if the time came and I could not be
Jordan's companion that she would take on the role.  She made good on her promise
and has been involved with Camp Quality for four years now as Jordan's companion.

Camp Quality Illinois Director, Mary Lockton, addressing the crowd.

Lexi and Me
Alexis was in my kindergarten class the same year that I
home-schooled Jordan while receiving treatment. Their
families know each other through their experience at
Hope Hospital.

Jordan, Faye, Lexi
What beautiful young ladies Jordan and Lexi have grown into.
So proud!

To recognize, honor and celebrate the lives of Camp Quality members
who have gone before us, there was a special lantern lighting.
It was a beautiful tribute.

Jordan and Matt Rusler

Oh, Peggy!
If you have ever attended a CQ event, you know Peggy!

Dancing & Celebrating
Bev and Monica are part of the COC "red shirts"

Jordan dancing with a BOY!

Erica and I met as companions my second year of CQ
I am thankful we were able to experience all the camp fun and craziness together!
Erica just joined the CQ COC.  Congratulations, Erica!

A special shout-out to my in-laws who came to Michigan to watch our little love so I could attend the Camp Quality 20th Reunion.  I am always thankful when I can support a case near and dear to my heart!  Thank you also to the Pickering's for your hospitality.

Until next time...
Enjoy the moment. Cherish the memories. Give thanks. {Written by Faye 2014}

Thursday, August 7, 2014

{Through my camera lens Thursday}

Welcome to my blog post series {Through my camera lens Thursday} where I feature photos I have taken with my personal camera.

Handsome husband brought home these gorgeous flowers from the flower cart he passes on the way to/from work.  Receiving flowers from the flower cart is one of my favorite things about summer.  I love flowers but think the pricing can be ridiculously expensive...until we came across the flower cart.  For the lovely cost of $5 you get an outstanding collection of flowers in a Ball jar vase.  I have been so impressed with the flowers and just love to display them in our home!  Job well done husband, you know me well!

Until next time...
Enjoy the moment. Cherish the memories. Give thanks. {Written by Faye 2014}

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

{What's New? Wednesday} Ecclesiastes 3:11 pillow

Oh, dayspring, how do I love thee!  
On July 30th, dayspring ran a surprise 24hour sale with some great items reduced in price.  I have shopped dayspring previously for unique faith-based gifts and home decor.  There is always a charm to their products and the sale did not disappoint.  I happen to search through the website and stumbled upon this pillow:

 It was love at first sight and I immediately knew I wanted to buy it for our bench seat in our living room a.k.a. music room.  The text on the pillow comes from the Bible: He has made everything beautiful in its time.  Ecclesiastes 3:11

A perfect fit! 

The summary of the pillow on the dayspring website states the following:
This vintage-inspired pillow, along with its powerful message of God's faithfulness, brings sweet, nostalgic charm and timeless inspiration to your home d├ęcor.

 Yes, indeed! I must agree!
The pillow continues to be on clearance for $9.99 if you just need to have one too! 
Click here to visit the product information on the dayspring website.


My sweet Lilly girl was resting during my pillow photography session.
Gosh, I think she's a beauty!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

{Tuesday's Triumph} 1 Year at AGH

This family loves to celebrate all things big or small!  Today's celebration is in honor of my handsome husband and his pursuit of becoming a surgeon.  One year ago today he began his surgical career at AGH as a practicing physician and I couldn't be more proud!  We are so thankful for the hospital and community's support of husband's career.  He has truly bloomed where he was planted and today we had the opportunity to celebrate with the office and hospital staff by enjoying cookies!

Our little man loves to visit daddy's office especially when we have a treat to share! My friend Meagan was able to take our vision and create these amazing cookies.  Not only do they look fabulous, they taste great too!  Thanks again, Meagan!The cookies were the perfect addition to our celebration! 

Congratulations on one year, love! Cheers to many more years at AGH!

Monday, August 4, 2014

{Masterpiece Monday} Abi's birthday shirt

Our little man was very excited to attend his first friend birthday party yesterday.  Abi and her family attend our church and we see them regularly as her mom and I are involved in ministry together.  In true "Faye fashion" as husband states, I made Abi a birthday shirt with her name and a coordinating headband as a gift. 

Due to our lovely retail stores already stocking winter clothing, I was unable to find a short sleeve shirt so Abi is prepared for the first cooler days of fall with this new shirt.  

I fell in love with the colored specks in the shirt and knew that it would look so cute personalized.  I choose a teal chevron cotton fabric to create the name applique. Who doesn't love a little chevron?!

I just love coordinating headbands!  
The flower embellishment was adhered to a piece of grey elastic.

The yellow button adds just the right pop of color on the teal chevron fabric!


When I asked little man what he wanted to give Abi as a present he gave this detailed response:  "I want to give her a Minnie balloon in a box.  When she open it the balloon will pop out and go up, and up and up!"  I thought it was a very creative and thoughtful gift so we made C's wish come true! Abi really loved receiving the balloon and I was sure to explain it was executed exactly the way our little man had described. In case you were wondering, a plastic storage tote works perfect to house the balloon.  I just gave a disclaimer I would be taking the tote back home with me! We also had a balloon weight placed on the end of the balloon ribbon so it would not completely fly away!

Happy 4th birthday, Abi!  We had a great day celebrating with you!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

{Snail Mail Saturday}

There is something to be treasured about receiving a piece of snail mail lovin'!  Especially in this technology driven era with emails, text messages and social media, using the postal service to deliver a message seems almost unheard of!  I have always loved receiving cards and special notes in the mail and I know it provides motivation for me to continue to spread the love by sending snail mail to the ones I love!

Today I would like to introduce a new blog series, {Snail Mail Saturday} where I will highlight the special notes, gifts and items that I send to friends and family that make a trip to the mailbox worth the effort!

My Goddaughter, Rylee shares the desire to create. She loves to draw and has recently shown interest in scrap-booking.  I was shopping at Meijer and found a cute paper pack, rhinestone embellishments and washi tape to send to Rylee.  To make the gift even more special, I purchased the same items for myself and used them to create a card to accompany the supplies. I really enjoy making little packages of supplies to send her way to brighten her day!  

Here are a few more photos of the card I created on kraft cardstock:


I just love simple creations! I added some triangles from the green polka-dot paper found in the paper pack I purchased, an "R" letter sticker for Rylee and two pieces of washi tape on the side for added decor. Please disregard the wet spot on the fold of the card from my curious dog who just had to smell my new creation with her wet nose! Silly dog!  

Who is your favorite person to send snail mail lovin' to?!

Friday, August 1, 2014

{Friday Feature} Mojo Monday 356 card sketch

Happy Friday!!

Ah, papercrafting!  I have been spending my "momma time" aka little love's nap time, to create a few cards.  Today I am featuring a card I created specifically for my dear friend, Jade, who happens to adore the color green.  My card layout inspiration came from the blog Mojo Monday which provides a layout challenge each week.

This week's layout sketch #356:

Using the sketch provided as inspiration, I created the following thinking of you card:

And just in case the photos above were not enough to fully capture the details of the card, you can view the photos below that were photographed in direct sun therefore they have significant shadows on them. Needless to say, this card has been documented well!

Thank you for reading this post and viewing the photos in it's entirety!  Leave a message and tell me your favorite color and I might just have to make a card for one of my faithful readers!

Until next time...
Enjoy the moment. Cherish the memories. Give thanks. {Written by Faye 2014}

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