Saturday, February 1, 2014

show them love

Hello sweet friends! Thank you for your grace! My blogging is so inconsistent. Thank you for faithfully checking and reading my posts, even if days, weeks or months pass without an entry.

With the anticipation of turning the calendar to February, I was inspired to plan some special activities to spread some love and kindness to my family, friends and even strangers during this month of love.  I understand and fully agree that Valentine's Day is considered a Hallmark holiday and we should take opportunities on a daily basis to tell of our love and appreciation for others, just as I believe that we should express a thankful heart on a daily basis and not just reflect on our blessings at Thanksgiving.  I will however, say that I am thankful these holidays exist on the calendar as they are such a great reminder to be intentional and celebrate life the whole year through!  

 In the days to come, I will be documenting our journey of intentional love through a blog series called show them love.  I hope through my posts you will be inspired to take a few moment out of your day and do something intentional to show your love and appreciation to a family member, friend or stranger in your life.  Let's show them love! 

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