Wednesday, November 6, 2013

day 6: my thankful heart


Today I give thanks to God for:
 the beauty found in rural living

As many of you know we moved to a new city in June.  We are blessed to own a home outside of town with some acreage.   While there have definitely been some adjustments, we have each fallen in love with our house and its location.  It is a good ten minute drive 'into town' and the route provides much to see!  Little love enjoys the journey the most wanting me to slow down to see the cows in the pasture as well as look to see if the horses are out in the fields or in their respective barns.  I love the special time in the car together and talking about God's creation and truly slowing down to embrace the beauty in the small simple things. 

One night on our way home, just about a mile from our house, two horses were out in the pasture.  We stopped the truck so we could admire their beauty as well as the beautiful skyline behind them as the sun went down.  Little love was in all his glory as the brown horse saw us and made his way over to the fence to greet us.  Little love's adoration for horses continues to grow which is fun to view...and it is fueling husband's desire to own a horse!

Not only do we get to enjoy viewing farm animals, we also have the joy of seeing Michigan's beautiful fall season from harvest equipment in the fields to tree lined country roads adorning colorful leaves.  This is a tree in our backyard beginning the beautiful transformation of colors.

We are blessed to be surrounded by beauty.  The only question is, will I still feel this way when it is covered in snow?! 

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