Saturday, November 2, 2013

day 2: my thankful heart

Today I give thanks to God for:
my mother-in-law

This is a special tribute post to my mother-in-law on her birthday!  I am blessed to say that I don't just like my mother-in-law but I love her! She has always accepted me for who I am. She encourages me.  She respects my roles as a wife, mother, and friend. She prays for me. She helps me in time of need.  She is fun! She is a woman of God. I cherish the time that we are together.  I appreciate her insight.  I am thankful she raised her son to know the Lord and to honor his wife.  She is a positive role-model.  She adores her grandchildren.  She is a blessing and I am honored to call her my mother-in-law!

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