Thursday, November 10, 2011

day ten

Today I give thanks to God for:
the sound of my son laughing

It has been quite the week at our house!  Daddy has not been home for bedtime since Sunday.  I typically am able to stand strong and embrace the independence needed to be a physician's wife...but I'm not going to lie...after 4-5 days in a row of flying solo, it gets exhausting!  I do count my blessings that I have a low-maintance angel baby, but a mommy needs a break once in awhile.  I was supposed to go to a MOPS girl's night pottery painting event tonight but daddy got stuck in surgery too late to make it home in time.  I must be intentional not to get upset and I try to think of the patients my husband is caring for and the families of that loved one when situations like this occur.  I am glad that my husband is able to be there, giving them the care they need.  It can be hard to not think, what about me?  During my emotional struggle this evening, I was blessed with the sound of my son laughing hysterically at something funny I was doing and it helped change my mood.  It actually wasn't the first time he was belly laughing today and I am so thankful that God gave me that beautiful sound to warm my heart on numerous occasions today.    I am so glad that the moments of laughter will overshadow the long hours of waiting at home, parenting alone. Thank you God for being in the details and knowing just what I need in each moment.

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