Saturday, November 12, 2011

day twelve

Today I give thanks to God for:

I love that music is diverse.  I love that no matter what emotion you are experiencing, music can speak to the heart. I love that there are different genres of music.  I love that music can be loved and created by everyone no matter there age, gender, race or religion.  I love that I was gifted to read music and play the clarinet in high school.  I love that music can fill a quite house.  I love that I can sing silly nonsense songs to my son and he smiles.  I love that music can be used as a learning resource.  I love that you can turn up music and sing at the top of your lungs and you just might not hear yourself.  I love that I married a man who loves to hum, sing and make up silly jingles and rhymes.  I love that individuals are gifted in writing lyrics that tell what my heart really feels.  I love Jesus...he tells us to make a joyful noise and that is what I do even when I am off-key!

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