Tuesday, November 22, 2011

day twenty-one

Today I give thanks to God for:
good health

I have been so blessed to have minimal health-related issues throughout my lifetime.  As a child, I was rarely sick and when I was, it was a typical episode of cold, flu, or strep throat.  I did have a phase when I suffered with migraines during high school and college, but it seems that I have learned to control my diet and actions to limit the number I experience.  I have completed 2 half marathons and a full marathon without any health concerns or physical complications.  I have never broken a bone (well, maybe a toe) but nothing that required medical attention.  I did have to take iron during my pregnancy but remained healthy and gave birth to a healthy baby.  The birth of my son was the first time I have ever been admitted to a hospital. I am counting my blessings that in my thirty years of life, my medical history is very short and does not include any major surgeries or aliments. I pray that I will continue to have good health with minimal complications in the future.

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