Friday, November 11, 2011

day eleven

Today I give thanks to God for:
the military men and women who have served our country 

Veteran's Day...the day in which we honor those that have served our country.  I could not be more proud of those who have been chosen to serve our country in the military.  Today I was watching the Ellen show and the guests were a mother and the mother-in-law of a married couple who were both on a tour of service in different locations for the past 7months.  The couple had 3 young children and while their parents are serving, the children are being cared for by their grandmothers. Long story story short, each side had been in communication with Ellen and Ellen was able to surprise the grandmothers and the children by having the mom and dad travel to her show to physically see their family.  It was such an incredible event to watch and I of course was crying by the end watching as it all played out.  Then later on the Today Show, they showed videos from the TV show that does the surprise homecoming of military men and women and I was crying again. I wish that I would stop more and pray for the men and women actively serving, those in training, and more specifically the loved ones that are left behind while they are fulfilling their time, tour and duty.  I had a brief encounter of being one of those family members when my brother joined the Marines following his graduation from high school.  He was medically discharged so the experience was short but it is a memory that lives in my heart. May we each be more mindful in showing our appreciation to those we know and those we encounter in our daily lives who have served or are currently serving in our military.  For what they endure for us, we can kindly do a little act of kindness for them.

Today I remember these special people who have served our country:
My grandfather, George, who served in the Navy.
My grandfather's brother who served in the Navy.
Matt's Granddad who served in the Army.
Matt's PawPaw who served in the Army.
Matt's uncle, Denny, who served in the Army.
My uncle, Bruce, who served in the Army.
My uncle, Denny, who served in the Marines.
My cousin, Ty, who served in the Marines.
My cousin's son, Jake who is currently serving in the Marines.
My brother's best friend from childhood, Charlie, who served in the Army.
My friend, Kev, who is currently serving in the Coast Guard.
And the list could continue with people I know from high school (Aubrey) and people I know from college (Brian) and a friend's sister's husband (Jesse)....

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