Monday, November 12, 2012

my thankful heart - day #12

Today I give thanks to God for:

Technology is unbelievable and I am amazed at the knowledge God has blessed individuals with to create and improve the features of technology.  I am thankful for my television and dvr.  I might not record many shows, but I do have the opportunity to do so if I wanted. I am thankful for our blueray and the opportunity to watch movies and the many other features I am not knowledgeable about.  I am thankful for my alarm clock which wakes me every morning. It still functions well after 13years of use! I am thankful for my cell phone which gives me the opportunity to talk to friends and family as well as text them.  I am still living in the stoneage as I do not have a smart phone but I am thankful for the device and it's capabilities. I am thankful for my  laptop that allows me to do work, store photos, explore the world wide web (do people even say that anymore?) to be inspired and educated, listen to music and communicate with individuals in my life. I am thankful for Skype which allows me to talk with my long-distance family and friends.  I know my little love is also thankful for Skype as he can call his Granddad any time and get to say hi and see him via his phone. I am thankful for our itouch which provides music, Internet, calendar, games and other applications.  I am thankful for my camera which allows me to capture moments in time and have a visual document to cherish. I am thankful for my video camera which allows me to replay special moments in my life.  I am thankful for my GPS which helps me locate places and arrive at my destination in the quickest route. I am thankful for my baby video monitor that allows me to see and hear my little love while he is in his crib. I am thankful for the technology in my car that allows me to start the car in advance and open my doors and trunk hatch by the push of a button. Even though I might not have the latest and greatest version of certain technology items, my life has been enriched because of their capabilities and I give thanks.  I wonder what will be introduced next?

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