Saturday, November 10, 2012

my thankful heart - day #10

Today I give thanks to God for:
family members who travel to visit us

In 2003, my husband and I moved to Michigan from Illinois for husband to complete his residency.  It has been quite the journey to say the least and we are so thankful for our family's support; specifically their willingness to drive 6hours to Michigan and visit!  Now, I must state that the birth of our little love has highly influenced our family's visits the past 2 years...but we are thankful nonetheless!
Last weekend, we hosted Granddad and had a fun visit with him.  This weekend, we are currently hosting Grandma Bev and Aunt Beth. Our home has been full of laughter & activity and it brings joy to my heart.  We are truly blessed that we have such loving, fun-spirited family members who want to come and spend time with us. 

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