Tuesday, April 16, 2013

love to Boston

Beauty will rise!  Today I am honoring all of those affected by the tragedy at the Boston Marathon - those wounded, the event racers, volunteers and first responders.  This world is a dark and crazy place.  I am thankful that I know the teachings of the Lord and can cling to hope I have in Jesus that this is not home; the enemy has been defeated and the One true God reigns.  I am thankful that at this time, my son is too young to understand the evil of the world but as he grows, I pray that he will have a heart for the hurting, compassion for the lost and a love for the Lord that will allow him to see beyond the ugly.   God doesn't promise that we will not have trouble in our lives but when we do have trouble He will always be with us; His angel armies always by our side!  God will use everything for good and I pray we will see the beauty that will rise out of yesterday's events in Boston.

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