Friday, April 12, 2013

{Fun Friday} sleeping dog

Oh my goodness this documents my life with a dog so well!  And we don't have a small dog either; we have a weimaraner nicknamed Lilly Long Legs! Training Lilly at night was an exhausting experience! After many strategies to get her to not bark in her crate at night we compromised that she would get to sleep on a dog pillow next to her bed.  I tried to train her for two weeks to sleep on that dog pillow next to our bed.  I wish I had a photo to document how that worked out.  It would be something along the lines of me on the floor on the dog pillow and Lilly on my pillow in our king size pillow top bed! Grr! I remember that so well!  To accurately describe the dog in the bed would need the photo above to show our dog in all of those positions but under a down comforter as well.  Silly dog!  After 4 years of that nonsense along with the birth of our son and the dog experiencing seperation anxiety when we traveled, it was decided to train her to sleep on her dog pillow again.  And thankfully that training was more successful the second time around.  Once in awhile she will sneak back in our bed but it definitely is not every night and I am so thankful!
Do you have a pet that sleeps in your bed?

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