Wednesday, August 22, 2012

{MWW} apples

Hello friends!  Well, instead of sharing a recipe for today's "Mouth-watering Wednesday" post, I wanted to share an informative chart that documents The Spectrum of Apple Flavors. Apple picking is one of my favorite activities in the late summer/fall. It saddens me to know that the apple crops in Michigan will not bear much fruit this season due to the unpredictable crazy weather that had a negative influence on crops.  However, that also brings attention to knowing the apples that we will have access to and how they will taste as well as if they are recommended for cooking and/or baking.  So, today let's educate ourselves on apples!

Pinned Image

I hope this resource is helpful!  I plan on printing it and adding it to my recipes so I will always have it on hand.  Do you enjoy apples?  What is your favorite edible item to make with apples?

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