Wednesday, August 21, 2013

{write it down Wednesday}

Documenting the journey of life is one of my passions and greatest desires.  While I have changed the media I have used from scrapbooks, journals, calendars, photos, blog posts and more, they have become prized possessions.  My past has influenced the present and is paving the way for my future; I want to know the paths traveled, therefore I write and photograph.

Today launches a new blog post for Wednesday's entitled write it down Wednesday.
I will be sharing current loves and experiences in efforts to document our every day living.

Little love

Your favorite friends are bear and elephant. Everything you do, they do. From the moment you wake up they are by your side. They eat breakfast with us, play with us and get placed in their 'special spots' in your room while you rest.  Until recently they were not allowed to leave the house however, bear was recently invited to ride in the car and has even made an appearance shopping at Hobby Lobby. I had no idea that these two infant photo props would become favorite pals.

You love food. We are blessed that you eat almost anything.  Currently the only food items you refuse to eat are walnuts and banana chips.  You eat a banana every morning for breakfast and have since you were around 6months old.  I think they will always be your favorite!  You love cheese.  You are forever opening up the fridge and getting into the drawer for a string cheese.  I have to stop you from consuming more than three a day.  While most children want macaroni and cheese and hotdogs, you prefer to eat steak and vegetables. I am blessed you are making healthy choices.  Just last week you were offered ice cream on three separate occasions and you said no.

Your favorite person (besides mommy and daddy of course) is your granddad.  You love to visit his house, you love when he is at our house and honestly as long as Granddad is with you, you are happy. Granddad gives you constant attention every waking moment you are together. He runs, plays, makes silly sounds and seriously will do just about anything for you!  While you do adore all of your family, you talk the most about granddad, auntie and Beth.

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