Tuesday, August 27, 2013

{Tuesday's 10} apartment

Last Wednesday marked two months of living in our new house. Two months already! Wow!  I wish all the rest of these boxes would unpack and organize themselves.

Life transitions always bring about reflection.

Today I am going to highlight TEN things we do not miss about the apartment we lived in for the last five years.

(These are in no particular order)
1. Only four windows to let natural lighting in.  I always felt like I was living in a cave.

2. The flight of stairs upon entry to the apartment. This meant carrying carseats, children,
     bicycles, groceries, toys, etc. up and/or down the flight of stairs to do anything.

3.  Baby gates.  We used a lot of baby gates to help partition child-safe areas and dog-safe

4.  Hearing the neighbor come and go on his motorcycle.  I know loud pipes save lives but it
     sure was annoying...and would wake my sleeping child.

5.  Dog poop not properly cleaned up by owners, therefore having to find alternative
     locations for my child to play.

6.  Having a parking lot right outside that was unsafe for my child to play near.

7. The suspicious behavior of our neighbor's son that made me uncomfortable.

8.  Having to move our son's step stool from in front of the bathroom sink every time you
     wanted to close the door properly.

9.  The noises of people coming and going outside our building that alarmed the dog.

10. Toys dispersed in every room of the house due to lack of storage space.

While all of these items were thorns in our sides, living in that apartment was indeed a blessing.  I am thankful for God providing for our family and giving us shelter over our heads!

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