Monday, October 15, 2012

weekend recap

Hello, hello!
Hope your Monday has started out well.  Little love is resting and it is a beautiful thing!
Did you have an enjoyable weekend?  I thought I would take some time today and share details on what our weekend consisted of.  I know I don't always share the details of our day to day here it is!
The weather is Michigan was pretty cruddy - wet and damp both days.  However, any weekend when daddy is off work is like sunshine pouring in to little love and me!  As I mentioned on Friday, our weekend started out unexpectedly early with the arrival of daddy off work.  We took a trip to the mall as we purchased a winter coat for little love and unfortunately the cashier forgot to take the 'ink' security tag off.  So, thankfully we didn't need the coat this week and we got that taken care of. Little love was thrilled to be at the mall and even got to visit the dogs at the pet store twice upon request! What a lucky guy!
Friday evening I got to paint pottery with my MOPS table and our 'sister' table.  It was a great time and I am so excited to share my platter with you when it is done!  My inspiration came from my blog header and it turned out so great!
Saturday little love and I took daddy to a Music & Movement session at the library.  Due to daddy's work schedule, he has been unable to accompany us in the past.  We had a fun morning introducing daddy to one of little love's favorite places.  And daddy even sang and did the finger plays! {which was no surprise at all since he is the biggest kid I know!} Saturday evening we attended the birthday party for our good friends' daughter.  Stay tuned for a separate post on her gift - a hot pink and black tie shirt.  It was a huge hit!
Sunday we journeyed to church - a.k.a. the place where little love gets a sticker and plays.  That is his description anyways!  I was a tad jealous of him as they told us he got to go into the kid's large group session today. What a big boy!  I am sure he loved every second of the music and teaching. We enjoyed lunch at bd's mongolian bbq for lunch as daddy needed to use his birthday voucher for a free stir fry...yum!  No complaints here as we love their food!
Sunday evening concluded our hunt for snow boots for our little love.  I do hope that since we are prepared for snow that we will not have any on the ground for a long time!  One can hope, right?  Following our boot hunt, we really needed to eat dinner as we were past our regular dinner time and our little love gets a bit feisty when hungry. We knew it would be a bad idea to continue home so we decided to go to Longhorn Steakhouse.  Neither myself or my husband had ever dined there and we probably never will again if we have the choice.  We learned to be truthful when they ask how your food is.  The waiter even gathered that I was just picking at my pork chop and I told him I didn't like it.  It was not flavorful; no juice and way too salty. They offered to cook something different but with the little guy we knew we didn't have time to wait for another round of meat.  So we declined and asked for our bill.  I don't think that we expected the meal to be removed from our bill but it was...and we were thankful. 
And that my friends, is our weekend in a nut shell....and a lllooonnnnggg nutshell at that!
Thanks for reading!

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