Friday, October 26, 2012

hard drive gone bad

Good evening! I come to you via my husband's iPad to give a quick update regarding my lack of blog posts this week. Is the following task on your "to do" list: Back up photos and documents from computer. (?) If it is, DO IT NOW!!!  I am currently waiting to hear from my computer repair man regarding my 20k photos and if they were successfully retrieved following the failure of the hard drive on our 2year old hp laptop. Let me tell you of the heartache I've experienced the last week while in waiting. It is nothing I wish on anyone. I made the goal to take at least one photo of our son everyday of his life...and that is just a glimpse of the memories stored in on my computer. Now, I do have some photos stored on an external hard drive but the last time we went to back them up the external hard drive did not have enough space left (and hearing I have 20,000 photos I understand how it got full so fast!) so many are only on the computer.  I am very hopeful the files are readable and usable!
I must admit that a week without a computer has really been an eye-opening experience! I have not been on Pinterest for a week and I'm still alive and functioning...and was even able to craft and cook without consulting a pin! I have spent more time with my husband and realized I need to close the laptop more when I have it back in my possession to invest in relationships. I have realized that Facebook is overrated and those I truly care about make personal phone calls! (Although I do love looking at photos & keeping up with random happenings!) I do miss posting on the blog and of course I had some fun things planned to share with you-so as soon as I get my photos back...I will get a posting!
So, thank you for your understanding and patience! Please continue to visit the blog as I will return as soon as I'm able!

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