Saturday, October 6, 2012

{etsy} L & H

Miracles still happen! My sister has a dear friend, J who is married to L. {Yes, I am keeping their full names private} About two years ago J & L received the news that they were pregnant!  And not just pregnant with one precious girl...but TWO precious girls! TWINS!  This truly was a miracle from God.  J & L had endured a long journey trying to conceive a child knowing that God had chosen them to be parents. They prayed, waited, prayed and prayed some more and God honored the desires of their hearts beyond what they could imagine!  Their two precious girls, Lucy and Hannah, celebrated their 1st birthday this month and my sister was honored to attend the celebration.  My sister placed a custom order for me to make Hannah and Lucy name tiles including their initial and the phrase "you are a child of God" for their gift.  I can't think of a better explanation of their existence. God orchestrated a perfect plan for each of their lives.  I pray that they will grow up to know Him personally and serve Him, the creator of all.  It was an honor to make their gift.  Below are photos documenting the name tiles given to Hannah and Lucy.


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