Friday, September 7, 2012

When you tell someone you are going on vacation or that you just returned from vacation, everyone asks "Where did you go?" or "Where are you going?" Well, as stated previously, we went on vacation last week and I am going to tell you about the location today!
When we planned for my husband to have the last week of August off, we knew we wanted to soak up the last days of summer by the water.  This vacation week was also very special as it would be the 2nd Annual Family Vacation including my husband's parents, as well as his sister and her husband. We knew due to financial reasons and schedules, we needed to stay in the Midwest area.  Traveling Up North was highly recommended to us by many Michiganders as a favorite destination to go in the summer. Glen Arbor, Michigan was one of the locations recommended to my husband. A quick Google search had us viewing amazing photos of Glen Lake and we knew we had to find lodging so we could vacation there!  That is when we started searching on for a rental to sleep 7 in Glen Arbor, Michigan.

Click here to see the property listing for the lake house we rented last week.

If you are looking for a great search engine to find property to stay at on vacation or business, I highly recommend using {Vacation Rental By Owner}  We have used the site twice now to find housing; we rented a condo in LasVegas for the month of March as well as rented the lake house for our vacation last week.  It is a very user friendly resource.  You can search by location and dates needed. The property listing includes a description, photos, rate information, traveler reviews,a calendar to see availability and the opportunity to contact the owner.   I was also impressed with the customer service as I inquired about a property that didn't have any reviews and they communicated with me via email to confirm the property listing was a valid entry.  Overall, we are very pleased with this website and will definitely be using it if/when we have the opportunity to travel again!

{Disclaimer: I do not have an agreement to review  All remarks are voluntary and shared because I find to be a useful tool.}

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