Thursday, September 6, 2012

car insurance

It has been 37 days since my husband hit a deer on his way to work.  Thankfully, we have car insurance.
The car damage was estimated to be over $6, 100.  Although there was extensive damage, it did not total the car.  The process of getting it fixed has been an inconvenience, but we give thanks that the car can be fixed as it is completely paid for and we did not want to acquire another car payment if we had to get a new vehicle. We give thanks that we also have rental car coverage that has allowed my husband to have transportation during the last month.  Today is supposed to be the lucky day to return the current rental car and pick up our repaired Camry.  {I hope this is true as this is the 4th estimated completion date!}
Through it all, I am trying to keep a thankful heart and see the little blessings along the way!

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