Thursday, July 19, 2012


In this journey of life, we experience many seasons and God calls us to be thankful in all circumstances {1 Thessalonians 5:18}.  I want to live so that my expression of thankfulness can encourage others, give hope, and bring new perspective so we can all live with hearts that are more thankful for every day blessings.  And with that, "Give Thanks Thursday" is initiated here on foreverfancybyfaye. Please join me on Thursdays while I document the journey of having a thankful heart.


I am thankful that my 16-month-old son woke up this morning asking for his daddy.  This made my heart happy knowing that our little love was possibly recalling last evening when daddy made it home before bedtime and was able to spend time with his son.  My husband is a surgery resident and needless to say works a very demanding schedule at the hospital.  Evenings when daddy arrives home before bedtime are treasured moments in our lives and last night was one of them.  Today I'm holding onto the joy that was experienced last night when my husband and son were able to play and laugh together.

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