Wednesday, July 11, 2012

{MWW} No Bake Cookies & Cream {Oreo} Bars

No Bake Cookies & Cream {Oreo} Bars 

So...have you seen this delicious-ness on Pinterest?

NO WAY. 1 package Oreos, 5 cups of marshmallows, 4 tablespoons of butter - just like rice krispies treats, except Oreos!  "lumps of coal"

The photo above was a pin was from and she described them as No Bake Cookies and Cream Bars. 

The initial recipe source was from 

A few weekends ago, my father-in-law {a.k.a. Oreo lover} was visiting and I just knew it was time to pull out the recipe and make this special treat! We were celebrating Father's Day a few weeks late and to keep with tradition, Granddad got his favorite dessert.  Okay, he actually hadn't tried it yet to know if it was his favorite, but I determined it would be once he ate it.  And...I was right! Grandma requested the recipe as she heard raving reviews and Granddad was requesting the treat be made again.

I give this chocolate treat 5 stars!  Three simple ingredients make a delicious treat in about 15 minutes.  It is something you can make quickly for dessert at home or to make at the last minute and take to a social gathering.  I can guarantee whoever the audience might be - it won't last long!  Enjoy!

No Bake Cookies & Cream {Oreo} Bars

15.5oz package of original Oreo cookies
1 regular sized bag of large marshmallows {5 cups}
4TB butter


Spray a 9x9 pan with cooking oil to prevent excess stickiness from marshmallows.

Place cookies in a food processor and pulse. I put 5-7 cookies in at a time to ground.
It is amazing that the cream basically disappears and you're left with chocolate crumbs.

In a large pan, melt butter and marshmallow over medium-high heat on stove. Stir frequently.
{You can melt marshmallows & butter in the microwave as the recipe on states if you choose.}

Remove pan from heat and stir in ground cookie pieces.

Transfer mixture into 9x9 pan.

Let set and cool for approximately 10 minutes.

Since we were celebrating Father's Day, a few tie picks were added for decor.

Cut, serve, and enjoy!

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