Sunday, July 1, 2012

first feature

Happy July!

I want to take this time to recognize and thank a friend for her awesome lovin' and support of my blog. Emily and I met while we were pursuing Early Childhood Education degrees at Illinois State University.  Her love for Jesus, passion for educating and zest for life immediately created the foundation of our friendship.  Emily continues to inspire me through her blog as she documents her journey of wading through crafts, the bible and lots of poopy diapers. Emily just started a weekly blog post called Pinned it! Did it! documenting the journey of pinning something on Pinterest and applying it to your life making it more than just an image on your Pinterest board.  She invited her blog readers to submit something they have done to be featured on her blog. Emily was so sweet to share my Mouth-Watering Wednesday: Barbeque Chicken as her first

pinned it friday feature

Thank you my dear and I look forward to reading your Pinned it. Did it! Friday Features. If you are visiting from knee deep in the baby pool, welcome and thanks for taking the time to read this post.  May you find something here at forever fancy by faye that will inspire you to add a little fancy to your life!

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  1. *blushing* You are too kind, my friend! :)


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