Sunday, July 29, 2012


Oh how I love the Olympics!!  The games are in full swing and I just can't get enough!  What events have you been watching?  I've had the opportunity to view volleyball, men's gymnastics, and beach volleyball. We have also used our ipad to stream men's swimming, fencing and the women's swimming prelimiaries live. I love a good story and am following the men's swimming closely to see how many medals Michael Phelps wins and the successes of  Ryan Lochte. Our 16-month-old son has recognized the TV has been on more since Friday's Opening Ceremonies than in his lifetime and is loving it.  He is showing a great interest in watching the sport events and is getting into the Olympic spirit!  Today we hope to watch the Men's Water Polo game.  Check your local cable company listing for viewing times and channels as unfortunately it will determine your ability to watch the coverage.
More updates to come. Go Team USA!!

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