Wednesday, September 25, 2013

9.25.13 Update on my precious niece Adalynn

Thank you, thank you, thank you for praying!! God is working!

Dear Family, Friends, and Prayer Warriors,

You continue to humble us by your outpouring of prayer and support for our daughter Adalynn. The past 11 days have been a surreal time in our lives and we praise God that we can write you with an update on how God is continuing to heal Adalynn.

Adalynn is beginning to move her arms and legs from time to time and stretch herself out. She is still very weak and movements are not real frequent without stimulation. The medical staff has been able to lower how much the machines are assisting Adalynn’s breathing. Praise the Lord she is able to do more of the breathing on her own. She is also now being fed through a tube that goes from her mouth down into her stomach. After a rough start, she is now tolerating these feedings well. Another huge blessing is that we have been able to continue to hold Adalynn the last few days since she has been breathing better on her own. Prior to a test yesterday morning, Tuesday, Adalynn had been held continuously since 10PM Friday (9/20) night.

As we continue to pray for our sweet daughter, Adalynn, we wanted to update you with some specific prayer requests.

· Pray for video EEG test results.
Yesterday, Adalynn completed a 24 hour EEG (a brain test that shows brain activity) with video to help determine if she is having seizures, since she is at high risk for having seizures. We anticipate the results Wednesday (9/25) morning. The results will likely determine whether or not she needs to continue receiving medications.

· Pray for continued improvement for her breathing.
Adalynn is making progress and we pray that over time the support being given would no longer be necessary.

· Pray for visible evidence of a “suck and swallow” reflex.
If Adalynn is able to develop this “suck and swallow” reflex, there is hope she could also begin to eat without the tube she currently receives her feedings from.

· Pray for Adalynn’s brain functions.
Adalynn’s brain functions continue to be our biggest concern. Please continue to pray for miraculous healing of the global brain injury she endured in the birth process.

We give thanks that God has surrounded us with people who care for us and our precious daughter. We know God has purpose for Adalynn’s life. We celebrate the ways God is working in Adalynn’s life and those that are praying for her.

Please use this information to update the prayer warriors you called upon and express our thankfulness.

Ransom and Beth

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