Tuesday, September 10, 2013

{Tuesday's Tip} clean sink

Let's be honest, cleaning the kitchen is an endless task! It is not just the dishes that accumulate after preparing and enjoying three meals a day but it is also the counters, floor and sink tubs that need our attention!  I try to keep up with the kitchen throughout the day but I often do not attend to the filthy floor and sink tubs as I should. Before long the sink tubs become gross and I no longer want to be cleaning dishes in them.  You'd think I would learn to keep them in better condition!  Anyways, due to the fact that I let the sink tubs get mucky last week, I can now share Tuesday's Tip with you highlighting a product I use for cleaning.

Let me introduce you to Bar Keepers Friend.
BKF is a cleanser and polish with mild abrasives.  It can be used in your kitchen, bathroom, for laundry, general household cleanup and for auto cleaning.

My mother introduced me to this product with raving reviews and a guarantee it would clean up my sink.  I am unsure if it is due to not having a garbage disposal or what but the sink tubs in this home seem to get gross fast!

My apologies for the side-ways photo; when it uploads, it rotates like this!  The condition of the sink tubs above is what they looked like following me wiping them down with a Clorox wipe. Sideways or not, I hope you can see the lines and markings that will soon be cleaned! 

Directions for using Bar Keepers Friend as printed on the product:  Sprinkle BKF on a thoroughly wet cloth and rub gently.  If applying BKF directly on metal, porcelain or plastic, make certain surface is wet - then rub gently until rust or discoloration disappears.  Rinse.  For difficult stains, rust spots, tarnished surfaces...make a paste by adding a few drops of water to BKF.  Let paste remain on stain no longer than one minute before rubbing. Rinse immediately.

Rinsing sink so I can place BKF directly on porcelain

BKF sprinkled in the sink tubs

Scrub BKF with a rag and rinse well

Sparkly clean sinks!

Yea for clean white sinks again!  

I will post a disclaimer that this cleaning product contains oxalic acid and should be kept away from children.  While I do try to use more 'green' cleaning solutions, sometimes I just commit to using stronger products to get the job complete.  I used this product when my son was taking a nap and had it secured in a location my child is not able to access by the time he awoke.  As always, please be safe when using any cleaning products!

Let me know if you use Bar Keepers Friend!  I highly recommend it for those tough stains and rust spots!

Have a great afternoon!


  1. I LOVE barkeeper's friend! :)
    Just an FYI though, stick with the powder. I've noticed the liquid does not clean as well.

  2. Barkeeper's Friend has cleaned many messes for me, too, Faye! I have only used the powder. I love that it is inexpensive and a little goes a long way.


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