Tuesday, September 3, 2013

{Tuesday's 10} August

Happy September!
I hope you had an enjoyable Labor Day weekend!  We made the journey to our home town in crazy thunderstorms so I could assist in hosting a baby shower for my sister-in-law on Saturday. It was a beautiful celebration! I will be posting more about the big day in the very near future.  We also got to spend time with lots of family and kick-off fall with a visit to our favorite orchard.  The clinic was closed and handsome husband was not on call so we got to enjoy the beauty of a three-day weekend and returned home yesterday evening.  We are blessed!

Now onto today's featured post:

{Tuesday's 10}
Ten Highlights from the month of August

1.  Road trip 
Handsome husband attended a board review course at the beginning of the month so little love and I took a road trip to see family.  Our first stop was my sister's house.  I got to see two dear friends and their littles.  It was a busy but wonderful day!  Little love and I then went on to stay at my in-laws and to visit with other family members.  So thankful for the special relationships we have with our family and the joy of being together...although we did miss daddy.

2.  Handsome husband's first day at his first 'real' job 
We are so proud of daddy and his dedication in pursuing his dreams!

3.  Music In the Park 
Our family loves to listen to music especially when we can hear it live.  We loved attending the Music In the Park events in our old town and were happy to be attending an event in our neighboring town.  We went early and stopped at the local ice cream store and then ventured down the block to enjoy a night of music.  Little love was very social;he wanted to meet all the dogs and dance!

4.  Electrical work complete 
One might not see this as a highlight however, the work that was completed will keep us from being highlighted in the paper for bad electrical work causing a problem!  When we purchased the house some of the electrical work was not up to code.  While we made appropriate negotiations, getting the work completed was our responsibility.  We are happy to report that our house is now electrically secure! 

5.  House guests
We hosted our first guests that are non-family members!

6.  Richland Park Equestrian Time Trials 
This was an awesome equestrian 3-day eventing that took place 30 minutes from our home.  We were able to attend as spectators and view the cross country event as well as show jumping. Little love seriously spent the first five minutes gasping out of excitement with his hand over his mouth in disbelief that we were that close to horses/riders and able to watch them run and jump.  Definitely will be attending again next year!

7.  Lyrics on the Lawn
Our town library hosted Lyrics on the Lawn this summer with live music.  As previously mentioned, our family loves live music so we went to view/listen to a family bluegrass band.  Little love provided quite the show moving throughout the spectator viewing area with his blue lawn chair.  It was adorable and he even had a song dedicated to him!

8.  Hobby Lobby
Yes, Hobby Lobby is a highlight of my month!  Hobby Lobby is the closest craft store to our new house and a thirty minute drive. Handsome husband and little love went with one night to initially purchase some items for my baby shower planning.  It turned out even better when handsome husband and I found some new furniture and decor items for our home.  The addition bonus is that little love enjoys going to HL and it sounds so cute when he says "Hobby Lobby"!

 9.  Baby Shower
I love to organize and create so assisting in hosting a baby shower for my sister-in-law was like a dream come true!  Besides the joy in anticipating the birth of a miracle, I got to use my gifts to bless someone - now that is a celebration!

10.  Landscape service
Celebrating that husband and I will no longer be push mowing our large yard!

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  1. So fun to finally "catch up" on your life! Miss you, but am so thankful for the many little blessings God is continuing to place in your life. Bet you did a splendid job on the shower. I may have to try to remember to go on FB to see if I can spy some pictures of your creativity!


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