Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The birth of Adalynn Susanne

We need a miracle!!!

On Saturday evening , September 14th, a precious child of God {my niece} named Adalynn was born to Ransom and Beth (Beth is my husband's only sibling). When Adalynn entered this world her heart stopped and it took 13 minutes for her doctors to get her heart pumping again. Since her birth she has remained in the neonatal intensive care unit on multiple life support machines and has been undergoing a special cooling process to help preserve some of her vital organs. Wednesday at 1200 AM (at midnight tonight) the doctors will begin rewarming her body over the following 24 hours. This rewarming period is a very critical period as the doctors begin to see the true extent of injuries to Adalynn's organs, including her brain and kidneys.

Please join us in praying for Adalynn especially during this critical time. Our vision is to have at least one person praying and worshiping God every single minute during the 24hour rewarming time period. We are looking for you to commit for at least 1 hour that you will be praying and worshiping God during this time. We recognize a continuous hour of prayer might not be obtainable in your schedule on Wednesday. While we ideally wish for an hour of your time, we know God hears every prayer and ask that you please pray for Adalynn. Please let Ransom, Beth, Adalynn and our family know of your commitment by sending an email including your name. Also include the specific hour of time that you will be in prayer if you are able to make this commitment.

Email address: prayingforadalynn@gmail.com

Praying for an hour seems like a long time, but here is a simple guide to help organize your prayer time. For the first 15 minutes spend time thanking God for who He is and the hope and confidence that He has given us by sending His Son to die for us. The second 15 minutes pray for God to touch Adalynn's life and that His plan for her life would be fulfilled. That a miraculous physical healing would take place if it is His will. The next 15 minutes spend time praying for Beth and Ransom as they stand together through this very difficult time at their daughter's bedside. The final 15 minutes thank God for the blessings He has given you. If you have extra time after you have finished praying, sing songs of praise to God. This is only a suggestion of how this time can be spent.

Words cannot adequately express this experience but it gives us great comfort knowing you are praying on our behalf.

You are invited to use this email and information given to enlist additional prayer warriors.

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