Saturday, October 5, 2013

10.5.13 Update: Prayers for my precious niece Adalynn

God has gone before us; He stands behind. The God of angel armies is always by our side. We need Him now!

Dear Family, Friends, & Prayer Warriors,

My name is Adalynn Susanne McNeill. Today I am 3 weeks old. Daddy and Mommy tell me that many of you have spent countless hours praying for me. For that, I say Thank You. I have spent the last three weeks in the NICU, a special hospital unit for newborn babies. I am still very sick and haven’t yet completely opened my eyes by myself. Occasionally I will peek out just a little bit to show Mommy & Daddy my blue eyes. I have slowly begun to move my arms and legs. I really like when Daddy rubs my back. It relaxes me and I usually arch my back in a full body stretch it feels so good. I have recently started coughing a few times a day, but I still need help keeping my throat clear of secretions so I can breathe okay.

A nice doctor visited with Mommy and Daddy on Friday about giving me a feeding tube. They tell me I won’t have to have the annoying tube that goes up my nose and into my stomach if I get the feeding tube. I’m told that since I don’t know how to eat yet and I haven’t learned how to swallow, the feeding tube is the best way to feed me long term. If everything goes as planned, I will have this placed on Wednesday October 9. Please pray that I will be ready and that the nice doctor will be able to insert the tube without any trouble.

I love snuggle time and to be held! Here they call it “Kangaroo Time.” I snuggle in with Mom or Dad and as Daddy says, I’m a nap in a blanket. Dad and Mom also said many of you are excited to meet and hold me, but because I am still pretty sick and I require quite a bit of sleep, I am not up for visitors quite yet.

Currently, my brain is still trying to heal, and I am not adjusting to change very well. The doctors, nurses, therapists and my family have seen slow but steady improvement. I still have a long way to go and last night I had a little set back. They tell me that I have gotten some fluid in my lungs from not knowing how to swallow. My breathing is a lot harder now and they are doing lots of tests to see if I have any infections, viruses or pneumonia. This is something that has everyone very concerned; please pray I would get better and be able to handle the fluids in my mouth.

Please keep praying for my miraculous healing. Daddy and Mommy tell me that God is in Control and yesterday found a verse that they want me to share with you. It is Psalm 136:4; “Give thanks to Him who alone does mighty miracles. His faithful love endures forever.”

Thank You for continuing to pray for my healing.

Adalynn Susanne McNeill

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