Saturday, October 19, 2013

10.19.13 Update: Prayer for Adalynn Susanne

Dear Family, Friends, and Prayer Warriors,

                Hello, it’s me Adalynn, writing again to update you on my status.  Dad and Mom told me that many of you appreciated my personalization of the last update, so I told them I would happily write to you again. On October 6, the day after I wrote you last, it was confirmed that I truly had pneumonia.  I was given antibiotics for ten days to help me feel better.  I like to think I have recovered well. My doctor, Dr. Morales, (I like to think I am his favorite patient), said that this pneumonia diagnosis may be common for me even after I go home since I haven’t learned to swallow yet.  He told my parents that they will have to watch me closely and gave them some pointers on signs that could mean I might be getting sick.  Dr. Morales said Dad and Mom will know me better than anyone and will be the best judge of when I might need to see the doctor.  I have to agree with him as Dad and Mom devote time every day to bond with and care for me.  Please pray for Dad and Mom that they will have the wisdom to know when I need to go to the doctor for extra care.
Speaking of home, people want to know when I might get to go home.  Would you believe I am writing you from home right now!! I came home yesterday, October 18th!!  Before I could make my big debut at home, we had to make sure the equipment I need was delivered and ready for use.  Dad and Mom also needed lots of education before bringing me home.  They are bit nervous sometimes about making sure I have everything I need, but I think they will do just fine.  All three of us will have to learn what life outside the NICU is all about; and we will do so together.  Dad and Mom say that’s what family is for…sticking together through the changes in life.  I’ve found out my whole family is good at this.

I understand many of you like specific ways to pray for me.  Below is a list of some prayer requests and praises:

·         Pray for Dad, Mom, and me to adjust to life at home.  I still don’t like a whole lot of extra stimulation so we are trying to figure out the balance between letting me sleep and having people come visit.  For this weekend at least, Dad and Mom warned me that I can’t have friends over yet, so I’ll keep you posted! 

·         Pray for my breathing and need for oxygen support.  Earlier this week, I tried telling everyone that I was done with the oxygen support and that they should remove it from my nose.  Well, I won!!!  I have had no oxygen support for a few days now, so please pray I can maintain my oxygen levels without it on.  The doctors and nurses have warned that I am at a high risk for needing oxygen support anytime I get sick though.  I still have lots of fluid in my nose and mouth that needs to be cleaned out with a suction machine on a routine basis.

·         Pray for me as I continue the long journey of therapy and seeing doctors regularly.  I will receive occupational therapy, physical therapy, and therapy from a speech pathologist. Therapy sessions will assist me to grow strong and make sure I continue to improve to the best of my abilities.

·         Pray for continued healing of my brain and body. Only the Great Physician knows all my needs and can heal me beyond what any earthly doctor can!

·         Praise the Lord!  Please thank Jesus for the opportunity to come home and start life in my house.  God is truly good as we weren’t sure 5 weeks ago if I would ever come home!

·         Praise the Lord!  I have begun finding my voice a little bit at a time.  I still don’t cry, but I sure let people know when I don’t like what they are doing by grunting loudly.  I also have started “sighing” in my sleep.  My mom loves just listening to me sleep with my cute “baby noises.”

·         Praise the Lord!  Just as I am starting to vocalize my dislike for certain cares, I am also learning to squirm away from those cares.  I have started trying to turn away from things I don’t like such as having secretions suctioned out, getting my heel poked to draw blood, or getting my lips cleaned.  I also like to put my arms in the way so it’s a little harder to perform those cares that I don’t like.  I am moving and squirming much more the last several days and they say that is a good thing!

·         Praise the Lord!  I would also ask that you thank the Lord for all the nice doctors, nurses, therapists, family members, and everyone who has helped care for me for the last 5 weeks.  God has truly blessed me and my family with many GREAT people who love and care for me.  I had lots of doctors, nurses, and other hospital people stop in to say “bye” and “good luck” yesterday when I was discharged at the hospital.  Mom and Dad tell me (and we thank Jesus) how grateful we are to all those who have helped take care of me.

Well, I would love to write more, but Dad and Mom say it’s almost time to eat and then its bedtime.  I will keep you updated on how life at home is going.  Thanks again for all the love, support, and prayers you offer me on a regular basis.  Our God alone can heal and has the power to save!  In Him alone we trust!!


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