Tuesday, July 29, 2014

{Tasty treat Tuesday!}

My little love seriously is crazy for fruit!  From bananas to kiwi, blackberries to Mandarin oranges, he loves them all and watermelon is no different!  While C was enjoying a fresh and juicy piece of watermelon, I was investigating the fridge for ingredients for dinner when I came across a container of strawberries I had yet to clean for us to eat. They pretty much all had soft spots on them...bummer! I remembered seeing a recipe earlier in the day posted online by Super Healthy Kids for making a smoothie with watermelon and strawberries.  I was unable to find their post so I improvised.  Below is a quick documentation of our tasty treat!

 Place watermelon chunks, strawberries (without the stem) and a handful of ice in a blender.

 Blend the ingredients until the watermelon and strawberries are liquified and there are minimal ice chunks.

When texture is to your liking...

 ...enjoy your cold tasty treat with your favorite friends.
C was sure that Elephant would love this new healthy treat!

I would definitely consider our creation more of a fruit juice than a smoothie.  It was a very refreshing drink and I loved knowing that it was derived solely from fresh cut watermelon and strawberries. Yum!  We will definitely be enjoying more fruit treats in the near future!

Until next time...
Enjoy the moment. Cherish the memories. Give thanks. {Written by Faye 2014}

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