Friday, February 15, 2013

the flu is evil!

As you can guess by the topic of this post, our family is contaminated with the flu. Ick!
I was down first; thankfully I only had the worst symptoms for about 24 hours.  Just on the brink of my recovery, husband gets sick this morning.  He went into work but has since returned and is down for the count in bed.  His symptoms are worse from what I experienced.  I feel horrible and hate seeing my loved ones ill!  Sanitizing round #2 was just completed and I thought I would write a post quick to ask for prayers that our little love does not receive this ickyness!  Cast away flu! You're not welcome here!  Hoping I can do a weekly recap post in the near future including our early Valentine's Day celebrations.  For now I must focus my attention on getting everyone healthy!

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