Wednesday, February 20, 2013

healthy with a dose of love!!

Hello friends!
I come to you with a thankful heart for restored health!  Husband and I recovered quickly from the flu and God has protected our little love from the icky symptoms.  Yea! is the beginning of our Valentine's Day festivity recap I promised.

Monday February 11th we had a MOPS Valentine's Day theme play date a friend's house.
It was such a refreshing time to meet up with friends and just let our littles play and have adult conversation...even if the topic is parenting!  Mrs. B watched our little love the week before when I had a dentist appointment so he was in all his glory knowing the ropes and befriending their cat again!  
Every play date needs a snack! We enjoyed delicious Valentine's Day treats made by our friends.  I think little love's favorite were the strawberries cut into hearts and dipped in yogurt as well as the chocolate covered strawberries.  I made Rice Krispie treats on a stick dipped in chocolate with cutesy sprinkles.  {Tutorial will be posted as a separate entry.}
Don't forget the special Valentine's Day project! Mrs. B prepared the supplies for the littles to make heart butterflies.  Wiggle eyes and dotters are always a hit!  So cute!

 Following our project time, we decorated heart cookies.  I enjoyed watching little love master the knife to spread the frosting and then of course adding the M&Ms and sprinkles.  That boy loves anything that comes in a shaker!

 Thank you to Mrs. B for hosting our MOPS table Valentine's Day theme play date!!


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