Thursday, January 24, 2013

Random thoughts...

Today's post is a glimpse into the real life happenings of me!  The meals, projects, quotes and whatnot are definitely part of who I am but the posts are very informative regarding the subject matter but not about me; what I'm feeling and experiencing in this season of life!  So, cheers to sharing more of life!

Here are the top 3 topics being discussed in my home this week:
{in no particular order}

Potty training
Little love has demonstrated an interest in using the toilet so we went with it and purchased a toilet insert for the little guy! Monday was the first day I asked if he wanted to pee on the toilet and he successfully went every time I put him on toilet....4 times!  He has continued to show interest this week and I'm taking his lead for now.  Little love is just under 2years old and I suspect that full-on potty training with underwear, etc. will occur at a different time. But for now, bring on the Skittles! If he wants to pee on the toilet, I'm not going to stop him!

Board Certification Exams
In June, my husband will complete his 5-year residency program in general surgery.  We just received the packet of information to register for the written board certification exam this week.  A sure sign that this season of life is ending and God has something perfect planned for my husband's career.  And the praying begins for the completion of and passing score on his certification exams!

The time has come where I am eligible for a new cell phone through our Verizon account! {wahoo} I currently have a Samsung Intensity II which has served me well.  I have done my best to be financially responsible and not upgrade to a smartphone with a data package since I have other options at home to be on the internet, etc.  Well, my loving husband is purchasing me an!  I am very thrilled to upgrade and be the proud owner of an iphone.  We are proactive and have already ordered a lifeproof case for it. I will share more details about it once I receive the product.

If you have any advice or tips regarding these topics, please leave me some lovin' in the comment section!!  App recommendations are always welcome, too! 

Thanks for reading! May you recognize God's blessings today!

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