Saturday, January 14, 2012

candy box slip cover

you Rock
candy box slip cover
I am sure you have experienced a season of life that is just overwhelming and seems to drain your energy and stamina to remain positive.  One of my dear co-workers was going through a significant situation in her life and I was determined to encourage her and let her know that I was there to support her through it all. We were working retail so I wanted to give her something that might bring some comfort and cheer while working her shift.That is when the idea of the candy box slip cover came to be!  A little piece of chocolate and peanut butter always makes things better, right?!

I decided to use a large box of Reese Pieces.  Unfortunately I do not have photos documenting the creation process but the steps were pretty easy!  I took a 12x12 piece of black card stock and marked the deminsions of the box. I cut where needed and then used my score blade and made creases to fold the paper so that it covered and took the shape of the box.  I did overlap the one side so that I could adhere it together.  This is very important as you do not want to place adhesive on the box of candy or it will not be able to truly 'slip' off the box. I knew I wanted to use the Hannah Montana Cricut cartridge for the wording.  I highly recommend this cartridge to all Cricut users.  I am not exactly a fan of Hannah but it actually includes 5 different fonts so it is so worth the purchase! The letters in 'you' were individually cut out followed by the word 'Rock'  I just love it! Of course I needed to make it a bit more fancy so after adhering the letters and word, I added some rhinestones and embellished with my white pen.  And...ta-da! I think I rocked it! This was indeed a hit and made my co-worker's day!  Totally worth the time and effort.  Now if I only had purchased myself some Reeses peices!

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