Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm back!

I hereby announce that I have returned to blogging at forever fancy. You might be wondering why there has been such a lapse in time from my last entry.  I believe in humility and telling the honest here it is from my heart.  The reason I have not posted lately is because I was feeling defeated.  You know how it goes, let one day pass, then another and before you know it, a whole month has gone by.  If you know my heart, you know that the description of 'fancy' that describes my character should also include 'perfectionist'.  I know it is completely silly but that is the way my brain works.  I got behind.  I thought of excuses. My dear grandmother passed away the day before Thanksgiving. I went to Iowa for the services. The calendar got full and the holidays came.  The more time that passed made it harder to want to post, even though I felt a small part of creative outlet was missing.  So I decided today to throw out the "I must complete x y, and z before I can begin posting on the blog again" list and I am!! Thank you for being patient and understanding!  Ya know, there might be another season of life when there is a time lapse of posting and I will be okay with it.  After all, the current goal of my blog posting is to document my life journey and the things that make it forever fancy!  So cheers to a new year, a new start, and new blog posts!!

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