Monday, May 20, 2013

{Monday Motivation} Nothing

Hello dear friends!
I did not anticipate being gone from blog world so long but life has been in full speed this month! Husband and I returned Wednesday from a vacation to the Smoky Mountains. It was our first vacation without child and it was wonderful!  We are so very blessed to have supportive family that made the trip possible.  A big shout-out to Grandma and Granddad for coming to our home and keeping our little love in his comfortable living arrangements and spoiling him crazy while we were gone.  Vacation photos and stories to come in future posts.
Unfortunately last week we also experienced a tragic death in our family that resulted in traveling to my hometown for the remainder of the week to attended services and be with family.  It has just been a whirlwind of emotions!  And to top off the beginning of this week and transition back to 'normal' the dog got sick all over the living room carpet today so I got to spend a portion of my morning today shampooing the carpet! Yea me!

As previously mentioned the events of this month have also initiated a lot of emotion: joy, frustration, disbelief, anger, suspense, excitement, and anticipation. Emotions are real and raw and we must be able to identify them and be able to process and cope so that we may grow into the individual God has created us to be. I am so thankful that through this life journey; in the mountains and valleys, God promises nothing can separate me from His love. 

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