Wednesday, March 20, 2013

{gift giving} bridal shower

I had the honor of attending a dear friend's bridal shower on Saturday March 9, in my home state of Illinois.  My attendance was a surprise as that date is also my son's birthday and the bride-to-be was under the impression that I was hosting a birthday party at our home in Michigan.  Which really isn't a lie as I did have a birthday party for my son; it was just following the bridal shower at the home of my sister who lives 20 minutes away from the location of the shower. 

The shower was held at Maggiano's Little Italy restaurant.  It was a beautiful event from the table decor, favors and the bride-to-be.  It was a great balance of socializing, dining, gift opening and an entertaining game of Newly Wed compatibility.  

Yesterday was the birthday of the bride-to-be and I sent her this greeting using a photo from the shower.  How blessed am I to call her sister in Christ, encourager, supporter and friend!

Sometimes I am overwhelmed with inspiration and sometimes it takes time to be inspired.  The card featured above is the final bridal shower card masterpiece which is a product of waiting on inspiration.  I knew I wanted to use the scalloped card but struggled choosing the paper. I also knew I wanted to use the image of the his/her rings but could not place them well on the paper I finally selected.  Enter in the accordion folded paper circle.  (I honestly know there is a more specific name for this embellishment in the paper-crafting world but the word escapes me!)  Once I found coordinating green sparkle paper the vision came together and the card was complete!  I just fell in love with fitting! 

I am sure it will not surprise you when I say that any gift I give, must receive personalization from me or hold some sort of sentimental value for the recipient.  Upon receiving Jamie and Kristin's 'Save the Date' card I knew that it was the perfect item to be used in a personalized tile plaque for the happy couple.  It was a very special gift for me to give at the shower and I know that it will keep them smiling and reminiscing of their beautiful engagement for years to come!

If you ever desire to give a personalized plaque to a loved one, please contact me or visit my etsy store to create a custom order! I would love to use my creative talent to bless someone.

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