Friday, December 21, 2012

truth is

I haven't made a blog post in 19 days!  wow.
Just as the journey of life, my blogging has its seasons! Those that are faithful readers can attest to my absence at times and I am forever thankful that you continue to visit! I don't have excuses; just the truth.  Truth is my days are busy with a 21mo old - playing at home, trips to the library, play dates and snuggles come first.  Truth is sometimes nap time isn't long enough to accomplish my to-do list and blogging doesn't take priority. Truth is after bedtime I am often exhausted and don't feel my thoughts would transfer into a well written post.  Truth is this Christmas season I have invested a lot of time in creating items. Truth is I have lots of ideas and projects to share but it involves downloading photos, editing, and writing which takes up time that I sometimes choose to spend in different ways.  Truth is I am human and fail.  Truth is I still love blogging and sharing, so I will continue to post.  Truth is I miss blogging.  Truth is I hope you'll extend a little grace and continue to visit my blog and travel this journey with me.

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